13 Apr 2022

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes when Remodeling your Kitchen

C&R Building Supply Homeowner Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to AvoidEmbarking on a kitchen remodeling project can be a fun and exciting journey, transforming the look and feel of your entire home. However, the renovation can quickly turn into a costly, time-consuming and frustrating nightmare if you’re not careful to avoid some of the most common mistakes. C&R Building Supply in Philadelphia reveals common kitchen remodeling mistakes homeowners should be careful to avoid!

Avoid These 10 Mistakes During a Kitchen Remodeling Project

Thinking you Can do It Yourself: When it comes to plumbing, tiling, cabinet installation, etc. it is ALWAYS best to hire professional contractors.

Failing to Plan: A kitchen renovation project must have an end goal and vision that includes style and functionality.

Underestimating Cost: Sticking to a budget is important, but mid-project surprises are almost a guarantee. Keeping a 15 – 20 percent contingency will help to soften the blow of unexpected expenses.

Not Understanding Installation Order: Measurements and the order of installation is crucial in your kitchen space. The correct order of installation: flooring, cabinets, countertops and large appliances.

Ignoring the Kitchen Triangle: Key appliances (stove, sink & refrigerator) should be within a few feet of each other to make the kitchen more efficient and easier to use.

Buying Bargain for Big Ticket Items: While you may be trying to find easy ways to save money, looking for big discounts on critical items like plumbing and appliances can be a disaster. Items can show up damaged, broken or weeks past their estimated shipment date, which will delay your entire kitchen renovation project.

Being TOO Trendy: Many homeowners opt to remodel their kitchen to update key elements and make the overall look more modern. However, these styles come and go. Large pieces like flooring, cabinets and countertops should be timeless. Focus on tile backsplash, cabinet hardware and lighting to bring modern trends into the kitchen as these can be easily switched out in a few years.

Underestimating Storage Needs: If your kitchen doesn’t offer enough storage, make sure your contractor understands your need to add more storage space.

Countertop Clearance: Many homeowners like to display their air fryer, coffeemaker, stand mixer, etc. directly on top of the countertops. Make sure you have enough space in between your appliance and the bottom of the cabinets.

C&R Building Supply works directly with kitchen remodeling contractors to help you achieve your dream space! Our Philadelphia building supply store has all the plumbing, tools, hardware, lumber, flooring, cabinets and countertops to completely transform your kitchen. If you’re not ready to fully commit to a kitchen renovation, check out some inexpensive DIY kitchen remodeling projects you can complete in a single weekend!