10 Nov 2021

Clever Ways to Give the Illusion of Space in your Small or Half Bathroom

C&R Building Supply Clever Tips to Create More Space in Small BathroomIt can be challenging to ensure your home’s bathroom is highly functional when it lacks the square footage you desire. If a bathroom remodel is out of the question, it’s time to think of some clever ways you can create the illusion of extra space. C&R Building Supply in Philadelphia, PA provides some smart, yet inexpensive tips to make your small bathroom seem larger. From simply repainting the walls to more in-depth renovations like installing new flooring, these projects can go a long way in creating more space in your home’s small bath.

11 Tips to Make your Small Half Bathroom Seem Larger

Lots of Natural Light: A window in your bathroom goes a long way to make the space brighter and larger. Don’t cover the window with heavy curtains or shades; use sheer material to bring as much light in as possible.

You should also consider installing a skylight to bring even more light into your small bathroom.

Floor to Ceiling Tiles: Use the same tiles throughout your bathroom and extend from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. This technique helps to open up the space in your bathroom by creating the illusion that your ceiling is higher than it really is.

All White/Uniform Pops of Color: First, an all-white bathroom will never go out of style. Second, since white reflects light better than any color it also makes the room look larger. Match it with subtle, uniform pops of color for a seamless look.

Paint the Ceiling the Same Wall Color: The unified look of matching your wall and ceiling colors provides a seamless appearance throughout the space.

Large Floor Tiles: The illusion of creating space is all about eliminating lines. When you use bigger tiles there is less divide and, therefore, appears to be more room.

Smaller Vanity: Don’t weigh down the room with a large, clunky vanity that takes up half the space. Instead, opt for a smaller, simple vanity to create more floor space.

Install a Pedestal Basin: If you don’t need a large vanity for storage, opt for a pedestal basin. Their narrow size is ideal for small bathrooms. Consult with a plumber or contractor first because you may need some pipework done for installation.

Large Mirror: A large mirror above your vanity actually acts as a window! It reflects more lights and makes your bathroom look bigger.

Clear Shower Glass: When you use shower curtains or patterned glass it creates the effect of having an extra wall, which divides the bathroom into smaller sections and makes it look smaller.

Eliminate Clutter: The less items on display, the larger the bathroom will look and function more practically. Store unused products in the linen closet, opt for a small, narrow garbage bin and keep the laundry basket in the laundry room.

Hang Everything from the Walls: Bathroom vanities, cabinets and the toilet can be attached to the wall instead of the floor. Suspended fixtures are an easy way to create more floor space.

Bath Renovation Supplies in Philadelphia, PA

If we’ve inspired you to spruce up your bathroom space, head down to C&R Building Supply in Philadelphia for all the tools, building supplies and guidance needed for projects large and small. Not only can our knowledgeable staff help you select the tools needed, but they can also guide you through your project and give some great advice. We have a full line of products for bathroom renovations including flooring, toilets, vanities and much more! For more inspiration, check out the hottest kitchen renovation trends for 2021 and visit our blog regularly for projects, tips & tricks and homeowners and contractors.

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