20 Aug 2021

Easy Weekend DIY Kitchen Remodeling Projects

C&R Building Supply DIY Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation IdeasWhen you think of the words “remodeling” or “renovation” – especially regarding kitchens & bathrooms – you automatically envision your savings account drain to nothing to achieve the space of your dreams. However, not all renovation projects need to cost you thousands or take up weeks of your time. C&R Building Supply highlights 6 easy DIY kitchen remodeling projects that can be tackled in a single weekend. Best of all, many of these projects cost less than $100 to complete, but the payoff will look like it cost thousands!

6 Budget-Friendly DIY Kitchen Renovation & Remodeling Ideas

Granite Countertop Paint: Instead of ripping out your outdated cabinets give them a fresh look with a coat of granite countertop paint! Even a beginner can easily master the technique with the right paint, brushes and sponges!

New Fixture Installation: Brand-new faucets, lighting and even a kitchen sink can breathe a whole new light into your space! Depending on the manufacturer and finish, this is an easy renovation project for even a first-time DIYer.

Swap Out Hardware: While you’re researching new fixtures, consider swapping out your cabinetry hardware to match! To make the kitchen remodeling project even easier, make sure to find knobs and pulls that are the same size at your existing ones; this will save you from having to re-drill the cabinets.

Paint Kitchen Cabinets: A fresh coat of paint does wonders for any room in your home and cabinets are no exception. While a bit time consuming, painting your cabinets gives your space a whole new look and can even add resale value to the home.

Refresh the Grout: Make your kitchen sparkle with a thorough cleaning and repainting of your grout! While this DIY kitchen remodeling task is a bit time consuming you will really be able to notice the difference in how refreshed your kitchen is afterwards.

DIY Tile Backsplash: Mosaic tile backsplash kits are relatively inexpensive and come in a wide variety of colors and designs. You can keep it classic or go bold to really showcase your personality. The tile comes in large sheets that need to be cut to fit along your counters/cabinets then you’ll spread a thin layer of adhesive to the wall and tap with a rubber mallet.

C&R Building Supply in Philadelphia, PA has a wide variety of kitchen renovations supplies for every budget! From paints & stains to countertops, faucets, cabinetry hardware and more, we’re here to help you achieve all of your renovation dreams. Call 215-462-0505 or stop by our warehouse to discuss your project ideas with a knowledgeable member of our team!

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