26 Jan 2021

Tackle these Easy Summer Home Improvement Projects

C&R Building Supply Summer Home Improvement & Maintenance ProjectsSummertime is the ultimate relaxing season where the warm weather allows us to take full advantage of our pools, BBQ grills, pools and spending lots of time in our backyards. Before we enter the dog days of summer, make sure your home and outdoor space are pristine, organized & upgraded. Accomplish these easy DIY summer home improvement projects for maximum return value with minimal effort. Many of these summer renovation projects can be completed with supplies & tools you have around your home. For all other materials & building supplies you need, head down to C&R Building Supply in Philadelphia today!

8 Summer Home Improvement Projects

Clean the Gutters: Your gutters & downspouts should be cleaned before the beginning of every season to avoid water damage to your roof or foundation. Similarly, gutters that are not regularly cleaned can easily break during a summer storm. All you’ll need to complete this summer home improvement task is a ladder, bucker & durable pair of gloves.

Power Wash Home Exterior: After a rainy spring season, mold, mildew & dirt may be collecting on your home’s exterior. Improve your curb appeal by power washing the siding, driveway and decks to restore their shine!

Replace Broken Deck Boards: Odds are you’ll be spending a lot of the summer season outside on your deck. Make sure it is in pristine condition by inspecting and repairing any loose or broken deck boards. At the end of the season, don’t forget to winterize your deck for extra protection.

Build a Fire Pit: A fire pit is the perfect backyard addition for most seasons, but especially nice in the summer to repel bugs. You can easily build your own backyard fire pit in 6 easy steps and just a few supplies!

Check & Fix Air Leaks: Keep your cool air inside the home & money inside your wallet by inspecting the insulation in your basement and attics for any leaks. Check your windows & doors too and recaulk any openings you find.

Paint the Cabinetry: If you’re not ready to invest in a full kitchen remodel, simply repaint your cabinets to give your kitchen a fresh look for minimal cost.

Upgrade your Windows & Doors: A bit of a bigger investment, but one that will exponentially pay off in the long run not only in the value of your home, but also in your utility bills.

C&R Building Supply DIY Summer Home Improvement ProjectsBuild a Fence around the Pool: If it is not mandatory in your local township, you may want to consider adding a fence anyway. Not only is it a safety feature & a way to protect your pool from animals, but if you use the right materials can be a beautiful addition to your backyard.

Warm Weather House & Backyard Upgrades

We hope you’ve found some inspiration to complete any home improvement projects you’ve been putting off. For help on what materials & supplies you’ll need for these (or any other) summer home improvement projects you’re dreaming of, head down to C&R Building Supply in Philadelphia, PA today! Our friendly and knowledgeable team if here to assist with inspirations, paint help, building supplies and more!

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