17 Oct 2019

End of Season Home Deck Checklist

C&R Building Supply Philadelphia Home Deck & Porch Checklist WinterSummer is officially behind us and while you still have a few more months left to enjoy your outdoor patio and deck it is time to start thinking ahead. By prepping your outdoor deck and patio for the impending harsh winter weather, you’ll prolong the life of your investment. Protect your outdoor oasis from heavy snow, rain and sleet by following our end of season home deck checklist. C&R Building Supply, a building supply shop in Philadelphia, PA, has all of the tools and supplies you need for this end of season home deck checklist. Make your life easier when spring comes around again by following the 10 steps below.

Tips to Prepare your Home Deck for Winter

  1. Clean dirt & debris off of outdoor furniture, pillows, umbrellas, etc.
  2. Paint outdoor furniture to prevent rusting.
  3. Power wash the deck. Remove mold, mildew, dirt and grime that has accumulated throughout the summer months.C&R Building Supply Philadelphia Winter Checklist Decks & Porches
  4. Then, refinish and stain the deck to ensure it does not get damaged over the winter. See our extensive painting supply shop
  5. Inspect the deck for cracked wood or lose nails & repair any damage now before it gets worse.
  6. Store outdoor décor & accessories in a safe place like a shed or deck box.
  7. Stock up on the essentials, such as snow shovels, salt & snow blower.
  8. Remove debris from your lawn including furniture, tools & branches. Leaving these on your lawn throughout the winter can cause dead spots in your grass.
  9. Trim trees, hedges & scrubs. They could fall onto your deck from the heavy snow and cause extensive damage.
  10. Clean your gutters. Similar to tree branches, already clogged gutters from leaves & sticks can be susceptible to falling when heavy snow and sleet come around in winter.

C&R Building Supply Philadelphia Winterizing Home Deck ChecklistPurchase Deck Winterization Material from C&R Building Supply in Philadelphia

Now that you’ve got a good idea of what needs to be done to your deck before winter hits, you’ll need to purchase a few supplies and materials. Visit our huge Philadelphia building supplies shop for paints, stains, wood, tools and so much more. C&R Building Supply has a friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you find the building supplies you need and give you advice or tips on your home project as well. Call 215-462-0505 for more information or visit us in store!

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