25 Jul 2019

6 Easy Steps to Build your Own Backyard Fire Pit

A backyard fire pit instantly upgrades any plain, boring backyard into an outdoor oasis the entire family can enjoy together. While many people believe this project can only be handled by a C&R Building Supply Backyard Fire Pit DIYprofessional building company, it is actually a very easy DIY weekend home improvement project. Take a trip down to our Philadelphia Building Supply Shop to gather your materials and in just 6 simple steps you’ll have built your very own backyard fire pit! Follow our guide below and in just a few hours you’ll be roasting marshmallows for s’mores and feeling proud of what you’ve built on your own.

Steps to Build a Backyard Fire Pit

Step 1: Prepare your Materials. First make your way down to C&R Building Supply to purchase the necessary materials. Supplies will include bricks, pavers, gravel, shovel and a lever – all available for purchase at our Philadelphia location.

C&R Building Supply Philadelphia Backyard Fire Pit DIY StepsStep 2: Outline the Fire Pit. Pick a safe location in your backyard and insert a stake into the ground for the center and measure out a 4-5 foot diameter with string. Tie the string on one end to the stake, the other to a shovel, and create a circle.

Step 3: Dig out the Grass. The hole for the fire pit should be 8-12 inches deep. Be sure the circle is level and make any adjustments until it is completely level.

Step 4: Fill the Hole. Add a thick layer of gravel in the fire pit hole and spread around evenly.

Step 5: Assemble the Walls. Arrange your bricks or pavers in a circle and stack them in layers until the fire pit is 12 – 15 inches tall (around 3 layers).

Step 6: Final Touches. Make sure all layers are level and even. Feel free to spray paint the brick and add any final touches to make your backyard fire pit aesthetically pleasing.

DIY Fire Pit Supplies Philadelphia PAC&R Building Supply Philadelphia Backyard Fire Pit DIY Project

C&R Building Supply of Philadelphia, PA has all of the supplies you’ll need to build a custom backyard fire pit. Our hardware store offers all the tools you’ll need for this easy backyard fire pit DIY project. With the help of our professional staff, you’ll have all the building supply products you need loaded into your truck quickly. In just one spring afternoon you can build your fire pit and start enjoying it with your family that same day! Call 215-462-0505 for more information or just stop by to shop.

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