17 Jul 2020

Easy Weekend Home Projects for Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend signifies the “unofficial” end of summer. Most of us will be spending at least some of our long weekend with friends and family, cooking out and soaking up the last of the summer sun. But, with 3 full days to relax, there is plenty of time to tackle some easy weekend home projects. These Labor Day home improvement projects will allow you to get the most out of your backyard and prepare your home for the upcoming fall season. Whether you complete one or all of these weekend home improvement projects, you’ll feel proud of all you’ve accomplished.

8 Weekend Home Projects you can complete this Labor Day Weekend

C&R Building Supply Philadelphia Weekend Home Projects Labor Day WeekendBuild a Fire Pit. A backyard fire pit instantly upgrades your outdoor space. In just 6 easy steps & a few inexpensive materials, you can build a fire pit. This easy DIY weekend project is something your family will use almost all year long!

Add a Patio. Before you go out and buy the necessary building supplies, make sure you verify with your HOA and/or city to get the required approval or permits.

Eco-Friendly Upgrades. Upgrading appliances, lighting fixtures, light bulbs and power strips is an easy way to make your home more environmentally conscious and can save you money on your utility bills every month. Fix any leaky faucets to save on your water bill and reduce your carbon footprint. Install an energy efficient thermostat so you can set & maintain the temperature in your home. Call a professional Bensalem HVAC company for help on this one; they’ll select the best model to ensure you get the most out of your system.

Pressure Wash. Easily improve the exterior of your home by taking a pressure washer to everything: driveway, porches, patios, deck and siding. The high power washer will remove all stuck on dirt, debris, mold and mildew and make your home’s exterior look brand new! Depending on how large your home is, this Labor Day Weekend home project could take just a few hours.

Reseed the yard. While you’re outside with the pressure washer, inspect your grass. If it’s looking bare or thin, lay down some seed while the weather is still warm enough for the grass to grow and regenerate for next year.

Install New Fixtures & Hardware. Possibly the easiest of our list of Labor Day weekend home projects, installing new hardware instantly gives your cabinetry an updated look without breaking the bank or taking up your entire day.

Upgrade your Outdoor Furniture. If your outdoor furniture took a beating this summer, or if the set is a few years old, take the weekend to replace them with more modern pieces. Best of all, since it’s the end of the season you could get big discounts on high end outdoor furniture. Use them for a couple of week then safely store the pieces for the winter – they’ll be brand new when you pull them out for spring!C&R Building Supply Philadelphia Easy Weekend Home Projects

Get Inspired. If you’re unsure where to start, come down to C&R Building Supply in Philadelphia and speak to one of our friendly staff about some ideas you’ve had to spruce up your home. Our team of experts would be happy to discuss your projects timeframe and cost and help you plan your Labor Day Weekend home improvement projects.

Building Supply Store in Philadelphia

No matter which of the weekend home projects we highlighted in this blog you decided to tackle this Labor Day weekend, make sure to visit C&R Building Supply in Philadelphia for all of your materials, hardware and lumber. Our independently owned building supply store is stocked with everything you’ll need to easily complete your project on budget. For more home improvement inspiration, check out home improvement projects for both spring and winter home improvements. Check our blog regularly or if you’re local visit us in store!

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