31 Mar 2020

Quality Lumber Purchasing Guide

C&R Building Supply Buy Quality Lumber Philadelphia PAIf you’re planning a warm weather DIY project, lumber will probably be the main component. Whether you’re building a new deck, a rustic bench, a birdhouse, picnic table or a garden planter, quality wood is a key element. Purchasing the right lumber makes a huge difference in the finish and lasting power of your project. Walking into a Philadelphia lumberyard can be intimidating, but if you’re armed with these tips to buying quality lumber you can be confident you’ll get a great deal and excellent wood. C&R Building Supply of Philadelphia has provided 7 tips to purchasing quality lumber from our lumberyard or a local home center.

7 Tips to Buying Quality Lumber

Be prepared: Have an accurate estimate of the amount of lumber you will need before arriving. Bring a tape measure and calculator with you so you can measure the boards and calculate cost. Then, purchase 20% more than what you have estimated or at least an extra few pieces.

Buy long: Even if the board measures 8-ft. long, you’ll have to cut off some checks or knots. If your project requires 6-ft. boards, buy at least 2 feet longer.

Buy thick: Generally, you’ll lose ¼ inch thickness on even board when you sand it down for staining. Be sure to purchase boards at least ¼ inch thicker than you need.

Top quality lumber isn’t always perfect: Whether the board looks flawless or has obvious imperfections, the price of the lumber won’t change. Don’t be discouraged if all the perfect boards are gone; once you sand and paint your project you’ll never know the difference!C&R Building Supply Quality Lumber Tips Philadelphia

Consider No. 1 Common Boards: These are the most cost-effect lumber boards and are more readily available on lumberyards than Selects and Better (S/B). Although they contain more defects and waste, they cost about 40% less.

Don’t be afraid to buy warped: Perfectly flat boards are usually hard to find in abundance. Warped boards can be easily flattened with a little bit of hard work.

Buy from a local lumberyard: Lumberyards hire experts with many years of experience helping clients select the best quality lumber for all their home DIY projects. C&R Building Supply will offer our advice, expertise and get you the best price possible.

C&R Building Supply Quality Lumber Supplier PhiladelphiaLumber Yard in Philadelphia PA

If your next home project requires quality lumber and you’re not sure where to start, come down to the C&R Building Supply lumberyard in Philadelphia, PA. Our knowledgeable employees will help you select high-quality, affordable lumber to perfectly execute your project. Besides lumber, our Philadelphia building supply shop offers all of the materials you need for any home renovation venture. Our building supplies range from kitchen cabinets to flooring, paints & stains and so much more. Call 215-462-0505 for more information.

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