05 Mar 2021

DIY Bathroom Projects to Transform your Space

C&R Building Supply Budget Friendly DIY Bathroom ProjectsThe bathroom is one of the most expensive renovation projects to tackle in your home. As a budget-friendly homeowner, you’re always looking for ways to cut cost without compromising on style or quality. C&R Building Supply offers 5 DIY bathroom projects you can tackle in a single afternoon and won’t break the bank! Projects range from simple décor additions to full renovation projects that are easy enough for even a novice DIYer.

DIY Bathroom Projects: 5 Updates you can Complete in a Day

Upgrade the Vanity: The vanity is one of the easiest pieces in your bathroom to upgrade, no tearing down or sledgehammers required! First, you’ll remove the old hardware and faucets then sand down all of the old paint. Transform the vanity with a few fresh coats of paint (try adding a pop of color), replace the hardware and install a new faucet.

paint, new faucets, new hardware

Farmhouse Style Mirror: Add a simple frame to your plain bathroom mirror to add character to your space! A farmhouse mirror can be made out of new or repurposed lumber. If your style is more modern you can go with a stylish white trim or a cool, beach-inspired mosaic border!

Re-caulk: Renovations and DIY projects aren’t always about decorating, sometimes it’s just about maintenance. Re-caulking the bathtub or shower not only improves the overall look (especially when the old caulk was discolored or moldy), it helps to prevent water damage within the walls. This project should be done at least every 5 years.

Paint the Walls: The easiest way to improve the look and feel of any room, but especially the bathroom, is with a fresh coat of paint. Clean white walls are always in style, but there are dozens of ways to show off your creativity with paint! You can opt for an accent wall of color, wall paper or even tile!

Accessorize: Now that you’ve spent the day renovating and remodeling it’s time to put your final finishing touches into the bathroom! Install a brand new shower curtain, add a hanging plant, upgrade the toilet paper holder and a few tasteful décor items to finalize the look and pull it all together.

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We hope we’ve inspired you to head to your local building supply store to purchase all of the necessary paint, tools and hardware for your DIY bathroom renovation project. For more inspiration, check out interior design & renovation trends for the New Year!

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