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At C&R Building Supply, we constantly strive to provide our clients the highest quality products and brands at the most competitive rates. Our huge building supply shop in Philadelphia, PA offers a variety of materials for kitchen and bathroom remodeling, as well as flooring, doors, windows, paints, stains, mouldings, lumber and general building supplies. Besides our daily nominal rates, we love to offer our clients monthly building supply specials and sales on a variety of premium brands and materials. The current building supply specials offered at our Philadelphia location include Window Specials, Wood Trim Specials and Oak Flooring Discounts. Call or visit our showroom location to lock in special discount rates or for any questions.

Special on Windows

C&R Building Supplies Best Building Supply Specials Philadelphia PA

Special on 7′ Wood Trim

C&R Building Supplies Philadelphia PA Building Supply Specials

Special on Oak Flooring

C&R Building Supplies Philadelphia Building Supply Specials